Full Version: Did something happen to the SCXPM servers? Was one taken offline?
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I'm just curious. A few months ago, I was playing on a ModRiot server almost every day and having a great time. After I managed to get past level 300, I took a long break from SC and only today did I decide to hop back on. To my surprise, I can no longer find a ModRiot SCXPM server to connect to where I won't have 100+ ping. Obviously this wasn't the case a few months back when I was playing, as back then my connection was very good. I find anything above 60 ping to be unplayable, so I'm just wondering if something happened while I was away.

I'm on the east coast and the only two servers I see now are for the NW US and EU. The server I played on a few months ago is no longer on my favorites list, so did the server I used to play on get taken offline? I can't remember the region of the server I used to play on, but it would make sense if I was playing on an east coast server that no longer exists.
We used to have an east coast XP server, but we've changed hosts since then for that location. Will be sure to add the re-installation to the top of our to do list.
Ive passed the message over to swampdog, so once he gets a chance he'll be relaunching those.
Thank you very much! I'll be waiting patiently. I had some of the most fun I've ever had with SC on your servers, and I'll be very happy to play on them again once I'm able to. - Vanilla - XPM - Difficulty