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  Community Event: Night of the Living Bread
Posted by: Snapman - 12-11-2015, 06:47 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (3)




Quote:on 13th of December, we will have a game of BrainBread 1 if anyone is interested to jump in!
Remember that the server might crash on a specific map when changing level, if so, just wait a few seconds then you should be able to rejoin Smile
Hope to see you guys there!

The pre-celebatory beta launch party of Brainbread 2.

  Community Update 12/3
Posted by: Snapman - 12-04-2015, 01:24 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

As the game server transfers continue, IP addresses & ports will likely change so be ready to update any of our servers saved in your steam favorites. All locations except NYC servers will be affected by these changes. All web based services have been moved to their new location so we should be clear of any outages on that front.

As for Codename CURE, upcoming changes to game server map rotations will make them more specific for example: Default Maps, Custom Maps, Survival Maps, ect. Along with additional maps being added to the rotations. Total earnings for November's advertisement campaign accumulated a total of $33.64, which will be used for our latest dedicated server purchase. We will also be making a change to the ad frequency from 15 to 20mins.

For Gmod, restoration of all 4 servers will begin asap. Murder, Stranded, Dayz & DarkRP. As we move these servers to a new machine, IP and ports will be changing. You can follow our progress by watching this thread: http://modriot.com/showthread.php?tid=18...301#pid301

Current Staff Openings
Forum Moderators + Webmaster - Webmaster to keep things going behind the scenes, forum moderators to keep things going on public boards
Graphic Designer - This position is open to multiple occupants to lighten the load on each artist
Twitter & Youtuber - Will manage our twitter/youtube/facebook accounts
US & EU Gameserver Moderators - Atleast x2 per game server (if there's a mod we're not currently supporting that you'd like to moderate for, just provide links to the linux server files, and some sort of proof of a remaining player base for that mod)

  Our New Little Toy
Posted by: Snapman - 12-01-2015, 12:48 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (1)

The newest addition to the modriot network, a hetzner dedi located in the heart of Europe, Germany. DE.MODRIOT.COM will be our main server for the EU sector, installations will begin asap.

Intel Core i7-3770 [Octo-core 3.4 GHz (3.9 GHz)]
2x HDD 3.0 TB SATA [RAID 0]
16GB DDR3 RAM [4x4096MB]
20TB @ 1 Gbit/s [unlimited]
Location: Germany


  Community Update 11/28
Posted by: Snapman - 11-28-2015, 05:15 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Hope everybody enjoyed their thanksgiving holiday, and now time for the news. With Black Friday/Cyber Monday brings all sorts of server deals, and of course i had to go all "kid in a candy store" with it. So far the damage is: upgraded Seattle Location with twice the power, repurchased the los angeles machine at a better deal which gave me a little extra bread to purchase another RamNode VM in ATL. Soon i will begin the transfer from the old web server host to the new one, so some downtime may occur. Also picked up another machine for the NYC location, and finally ive placed an order for a dedicated server for the EU locations which will be a much needed addition for this community.

As for the Garrysmod servers, progress has been sluggish due personal reasons and holiday/family gatherings. So now that it has past, work shall progress.

More important news to report, the Brainbread 2 devs have finally announced the launch of the closed beta, more information can be found at http://modriot.com/showthread.php?tid=18...288#pid288 ... We at ModRiotGaming are proud to have been selected to help with the launch by providing gameservers for its beta testers.

  Community Update 11/15
Posted by: Snapman - 11-16-2015, 02:55 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (1)

We've finally reached 500+ members with our steam community group. A great day indeed, and we are teh proud of this accomplishment. Next up will be the achievement of 1000+ members, which we will aim to reach.

On our Codename CURE front, our advertisement campaign thus far has been pretty successful, earning ~$10 within the past 6 days of reporting. We thank for the community for its support, and we'll continue providing the CNC scene with plenty of servers to play on.
Next up is getting back to the Garrysmod project, as it has been forgotten for way too long. First by fixing the current plague of lua errors showing while updating all the necessary plugins. Maintenance will begin tonight, so servers will be down for at least a couple of hours as we start off the renovation with an OS re-installation.

As for the changes with our central (chicago) location, we've been having some troubles with one of our providers. So as we get things worked out, all gameservers running off the location will be down (except CNC) for the time being. This would include both No More Room in Hell & the Team Fortress Classic game servers.

  Community Update 10/21
Posted by: Snapman - 10-21-2015, 08:07 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

We've made alot of changes since our last post. Support for various mods such as TF2, Fists of Frags, L4D2 has been dropped ... shifting resources over to hosting additional NMRiH & Codename Cure servers. Seems fitting with all these zombie games and Halloween up and coming, the future of these new gameservers will depend on their player activity and their overall influence on community growth.

Next up on the todo list will be some sort of live statistics for all NMRiH servers, ill start simple with a sourcemod plugin for simple rankings (!rank & !top10), then after implementing either HLstatsX:CE/Psycostats or equivalent. Most likely i will combine them all into a single rankings list instead of dedicated rankings per server. Once completed i will attempt to do the same with our Codename Cure servers.

We do need some help from the codename cure community itself, obtaining additional maps for the server network which now accounts for about 1/4 of the playable CnC servers.

Codename Cure
ModRiot.com #1 [US:W - Skilled - FF] @ foxtrot.modriot.com:27015
ModRiot.com #2 [US:NW - Skilled - FF] @ sea3.modriot.com:27017
ModRiot.com #3 [US:NW - Skilled - FF] @ sea3.modriot.com:27016
ModRiot.com #4 [US:NW - Skilled - FF] @ sea3.modriot.com:27015
ModRiot.com #5 [US:E - Skilled - FF] @ ny.modriot.com:27018
ModRiot.com #6 [US:E - Skilled - FF] @ ny.modriot.com:27019
ModRiot.com #7 [US:C - Skilled - FF] @ chi.modriot.com:27020
ModRiot.com #8 [US:C - Skilled - FF] @ chi.modriot.com:27021
ModRiot.com #9 [EU - Skilled - FF] @ nl.modriot.com:27019
ModRiot.com #10 [EU - Skilled - FF] @ nl.modriot.com:27020

No More Room in Hell
ModRiot.com NMRiH Seattle |GunMenu+UltdAmmo+Respawn| @ sea2.modriot.com:27016
ModRiot.com NMRiH Chicago |GunMenu+UltdAmmo+Respawn| @ chi.modriot.com:27016
ModRiot.com NMRiH Chicago 2 |GunMenu+UltdAmmo+Respawn| @ chi.modriot.com:27017
ModRiot.com NMRiH New York |GunMenu+UltdAmmo+Respawn| @ ny.modriot.com:27015
ModRiot.com NMRiH New York 2 |GunMenu+UltdAmmo+Respawn| @ ny.modriot.com:27017
ModRiot.com NMRiH Amsterdam |GunMenu+UltdAmmo+Respawn| @ nl.modriot.com:27016
ModRiot.com NMRiH Amsterdam 2 |GunMenu+UltdAmmo+Respawn| @ nl.modriot.com:27017

  Community Update 9/30
Posted by: Snapman - 10-01-2015, 02:49 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

To streamline the experience for our gmod servers, here are the workshop collection links to grab the content ahead of time:

ModRiot.com DayZ | Mining/Farming/15mAirDrops | FA:S | Los Angeles
ModRiotRP |Drugs & Printers| Duel/Robbery/DJ/Hacking + More
ModRiot.com Murder 24/7 | Construct | Pointshop | Los Angeles
ModRiot.com | Stranded **WIP** [FastDL|Radio|PShop]

Support for the following modifications has been dropped due to their lack of activity : Vampire Slayer & Gangwars
We will be making many similar changes in the following days.

We're still looking for staff of all sorts, from web & game developers to moderators & managers. Have any ideas to improve things, or wish to manage a modification we currently don't support? Make mention of it on your application along with other general information such as your: Name, Age, Location, Abilities of what you can do or what you can bring, and any past experience you may have. Please don't be vague or leave the application incomplete, we will not respond to improperly completed applications.

  Community Update 9/10
Posted by: Snapman - 09-11-2015, 12:18 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

And time for the news... We've changed our Netherlands host provider, so the currently hosted gameservers from that location will be down until a decision is made on what should be kept and what should change.

The Garry's Mod quest continues, now counting a DarkRP/Stranded/&Murder server, with a Prop Hunt server in the works.

The VIP system has been established for these GMod servers through our donation portal @ http://donate.modriot.com. The packages for the stranded and murder server are still in works, but the darkrp is fully functional atm.

We maybe adding another source mod or 2 to our supported mods list, 1 being codename cure and the other most likely being Fistful of Frags.

  Community Update 8/10
Posted by: Snapman - 08-11-2015, 03:49 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

A much needed update. We're still alive, just took some personal time so i wouldn't burn myself out, but now i'm back and ready to rock the house. We have plenty of changes to announce, such as: Expansion of our network to include Team Fortress 2 & Garry's Mod DarkRP modifications, additional staff members for our DarkRP project, web & teamspeak host change to ddos protected system, integration of the donation system for our upcoming VIP class, and more (cant seem to remember right this moment)

Our darkrp projected titled "ModRiotRP" is nearly finishing its initial development stage, and moving on to an open playable beta. As the beta stage continues we'll most likely be making daily changes onto our server. As the server hits v1.0 we'll be pulling back, compounding all changes into once a week updates.

As for our GoldSrc front, we've decided to make a few changes to our current server layouts. We have planned to make a few small changes on a handful of servers such as adding an additional AMXX plugin or two, and for a select few game servers we've planned on changing the modification all together in attempt to try something new.

  Community Update 7/4
Posted by: Snapman - 07-04-2015, 03:52 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Happy 4th of July,
Game on this forth of July, dont drink & light off fireworks ;D
From your friends @ ModRiotGaming.

Time for fireworks, good eats, and plenty of gaming. I delayed a bit on 'community updates' so i could post this today celebrating the U.S day of independence, for whats left of it that is. Our monthly giveaway/raffle continues on, details can be found at http://modriot.com/showthread.php?tid=104. We've added a few new servers to our collection, expanding our supported modifications list. We're experimenting with Garry's Mod for the moment, well see how that little experiment goes. We've also recently changed our server provider for our US Southwest location, so the location can now be reached @ la.modriot.com. Our hunt for mods & staff nets us additional moderators for our US servers locations, but the hunt is still on as we still have plenty of positions to fill.

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